Documents and Forms

Registration & Organic System Plan

 Initial Request

The Initial request form should be completed for all new certification requests such as farm production, processing, distributing, etc.

1-Farm Production

Take note: The crop production plan includes sections for wild crops, shoots/sprouts/micro-greens and mushrooms production. If you wish to certify livestock as well, please also complete a livestock production plan.
Note: If you process products grown on your farm, please also complete a Processing Plan (See section 3 - Processing/Distribution).

2- Maple Production

3- Processing/Distribution

4- Changes

The "Changes" forms should be filled-out when you make a change to your production plan or processing plan during the year. 

5- Other documents to fill-out when applicable


1- Record templates


3 - Canadian Organic Standard Summaries

The following summaries provide information on what is required if you want organic certification.

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