Steps to Certification

steps to cert


Following your request we will send you the necessary documents (information guide, standards, rates and registration forms)

Application Review

An application review is done in order to confirm your eligibility for certification. Additional information or documents may be requested at this time. A verification notice is sent to you along with a contract for each standard requested; this notice will include due dates for all documents requested, the name of the assigned inspector and the scheduled date of inspection.


All necessary documents needed for monitoring purposes are sent to the appointed inspector to plan the inspection. For farms and maple syrup producers the inspection will happen during your growing or production season. All other clients may be inspected at any time of year.
Plan a minimum inspection time of 3 hours for a farm. If there is an additional livestock production or on-farm processing, more time should be anticipated. Inspectors are in charge of scheduling their visits. The inspector will give you a document with the preliminary findings of the inspection. The inspector writes one report per inspection. It is possible to have a follow-up or surprise inspection and for samples to be taken for analysis. Three samples are taken at a time for analyses.


Once the inspection report is submitted it is assessed by our certification officers.
You will be notified of the certification results in the following weeks. It usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks following inspection to receive the inspection results.
The comments, requested actions, and conditions, are sent accompanied by a copy of the inspection report.
The certificate authorizes you to make an organic claim and to reference Ecocert on the label of certified products and marketing materials. All organic growers must complete one year of pre-certification before obtaining full certification.

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